Tokyo Commodity Exchange or TOCOM was established in 1984.

Most well-known products of TOCOM are Gold, Corn, and Rubber. As

for Rubber, the RSS3 Rubber Futures is, according to the Green Book

standard, Natural Rubber Ribbed Smoke Sheet No. 3, and is the main

product used for price reference within Rubber circle.

TOCOM is one of the world-largest and Asia’s most prominent

commodity futures exchanges, with High trading volumes as millions

of Investors both domestic and global are now holding their contracts

in RSS3 Futures to manage risk and gain profit during high volatility in

Rubber market.

Reasons to invest in TOCOM RUBBER with MTS GOLD

- High liquidity and guaranteed by world standard

- Able to make profit either Bull or Bear market

- TOCOM trading hour is longer than TFEX’s

- Low starting cost with Initial Margin at 500 US$

- Trade on Meta Trader 5, available on PC and Smart Phones

- Trade Shanghai Rubber in Real time, First in Thailand.

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